Thanks to the generosity of some of your colleagues I am able to post the Coronavirus policies that they have adopted.  We are not endorsing any of these, NOR are we suggesting which one you may want to copy or model your own policy on.  In fact, you may want to incorporate portions of each in your policy.

The Schiff Group is not publishing a sample policy of our own because we believe that there are too many local factors to allow for a one size fits all solution.

Additional policies may well be posted in the future so please check back periodically. We wish you the best of luck and good health in this trying time.    

Click on the links below to download the files.

Added March 30, 2020:

Memphis, TN (Marcia Lewis) - MHA Low-Rent Public Housing COVID-19 Policy_03-18-2020

Added March 23, 2020:

St. Paul, MN (Jon Gutzmann) - Covid-19 March 20 2020

DeForest, WI (Ed Wall) (Thank you to Cheryl Lachaussie of New Richmond, WI for referring us to Ed!)

Added March 19, 2020:

Lyons, KS (Kay Winford) - Housing Authority Coronavirus Response Plan

St. Paul, MN (Jon Gutzmann) - COVID-19 March 16

Viroqua, WI (Wendy Winterfield) - Housing Authority Pandemic Response

York, NE (Cindy Naber) - Coronavirus

York, NE (Cindy Naber) - Staff Leave Coronavirus Plan